Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Social Media Tools
The purpose of social media tools is to make interaction between people in a virtual world. The tool can allow people to share, create or exchange the information. People can comment on the event and they can discuss about it. Not only that businesses and business professionals use these tools for social networking and self-promotion. The internet allowed people to communicate in long distance. By using that theory, business can promote and network their company within low-cost to the place that is far away. LinkedIn is good social media tools for networking, because it summarizes of people’s profile and specification. So Business professionals use LinkedIn to track down the job applicants who has an appropriate specification to work in their company. Some businesses use Facebook as a social media for self-promotion. For example, Apple posted the photo of hundreds of Mac laptop and told to Facebook users that if they want to get the laptop, they have to like the page of Apple’s Facebook page. Then they had to share the photo to their timeline and say which color of laptop that they want to get. Finally, Apple Company had to pick the hundreds of Facebook users, who followed the instruction and gave them the laptop. In this way, Apple Company was able to attract over million Facebook followers and was able to promote their products to over million people as well.

5 Social Media Tools
Facebook is good for the creating own page and post about daily status. Business professionals use Facebook to post the photo of their company’s products to promote their product.
Twitter is nearly similar to Facebook. This tool is more focus on posting about daily status. Business professionals usually use this tool for expressing their thoughts and have a discussion about it.
Word Press is good tool for blogging on various types of topics. Business professionals blog about their knowledge about certain topics that they really know about.
LinkedIn is great tool for updating summarization of a person’s profile and specification. Business professionals use this tool find job seekers who has appropriate specification to work for their company.
MySpace is for sharing interest with people. Business professionals check the job applicant to see what kind of interest that the job applicant is into. And decided that whether the interest can put extra contribution to the company or not.

Social Networking
Business professionals use social media for self-promotion. They have to careful about the things that they post on social media tools. Business professionals tend to not post a photos of partying or photos that are embarrassing to the public in order to make their appearance clean to the public. And they must have to write down their contact information to their profile, so that anyone can easily contact with the professionals. The most of the Job recruiters use LinkedIn other than other social media tools. Compare to other social media tools, LinkedIn has detailed descriptions of a person’s profiles and specifications. And this tool lists job applicants past work experience, certificate, etc. So job recruiters can figure it out to put job applicants in right field of job area. Therefore LinkedIn is great tool for finding potential job candidates.

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