The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is Stephen R. Covey. According to the book, “The seven habits of effective people are be proactive, begin with end in mind, put first thing first, think win-win, seek first to understand, then to be understood, synergize and sharpen the saw” (Covey).

If I have to choose 3 of these habits, then I would choose begin with the end in mind, put first things first and synergize.

Begin with the end in mind: If I do not start with this mind, I would be getting lazy and wouldn’t focus on the work properly. If I’m working on stuff, which is going to be my last work, my attitude will change to focus on the work without mistake.

Put first things first: If I cannot prioritize which one should be done at the first time, then I would get lost what to do and end up get panic. So if I prioritize which one should be done at first time, then I will get comfortable to work on my stuff.

Synergize: I think working with team is so essential to me. If I work as a team, then I would realize the things that I’m not good at it. Because I learned from my team members how they deal with the things that I cannot handle it.

In College, I will begin the assignment with the end in mind. So make sure there are no mistakes on my assignment. When there is much assignment and tests are coming up, then I will prioritize the big assignment or test, which is consist of big percentage on the courses. So I would be comfortable to work on rest of small assignments or tests. For the group assignment, I’m not going to let someone work alone for whole assignment, instead everybody split the assignment and do the work separately would be efficient way.

In the workplace, I will work on the stuff with end in mind. Otherwise my single mistake will affect the whole company. I will prioritize the work that I have to get finished soon and delay a work that I do not have to finish right away. If one of my co-workers is struggling a work, then I will help my co-worker to achieve the work. So that co-worker can help me next time when I’m struggling with the work.

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